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About Karen Thomas

My first choice of career was as an Occupational Therapist in community mental health. For over 30 years I loved working in this area of healthcare especially running workshops and groups.

Karen Thomas

You can hear more about my path in this “Magical Energy” podcast.

Also listen to my interview in Mystic Mag and how working in the NHS has contributed to my current work.

I would move jobs every three years or so and eventually landed up in New Zealand. It was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made – scary yet challenging and exciting, doing something so completely out of my comfort zone gave me confidence and belief in my own abilities.

My love of travel has also added variety and challenges in my life alongside my beliefs that we all have so much more potential than we think we do!

I was a typical type A personality – goal and task orientated, busy, filling in spare time with lots of hobbies and interests.

However, it was when I discovered, and subsequently taught, Reiki that I became more aware of the need to let go of expectations and outcomes.  Over the years Reiki has changed my life  – less stress and more calm – but still adhering to my passion for all of us being responsible for our own wellbeing and health.

 Shamanic healing took me even further into a spiritual world of huge awareness and understanding.  Connecting with the healing power of nature is part of what I am able to offer people.

I still love challenge and variety in my life and that is why I work offering an eclectic approach to self-healing and self-care.  Whether you would like individual sessions, attend a training course or come along to a workshop you will be most welcome as the healthier we are within ourselves the more contented we become in our lives.

I am delighted to be a  volunteer at The Fern Centre Wellbeing & Cancer Unit offering workshops on energy and EFT to both patients and carers.

I have seen Karen for two sessions so far, and have achieved so much in my healing journey already. Karen has the most amazing energy and has the ability to put you at ease straight away. I would definitely recommend Karen, she’s a very special healer and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.

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