Everything in our life is about balance.  Without balance our world, our health our happiness is affected.

Chinese medicine, for thousands of years, has applied the concepts of yin and yang – opposite forces that interconnect.  One is not better or needed more than the other.  Both are equally important in health and wellbeing.

In nature we need both light and dark, if we don’t have darkness how do we see the light?  For life to exist on this earth it needs the sun and the moon, it needs the rain and the dry, the cold and the warmth, everything in balance.

The seasons create balance for all life, bringing with them a time for new growth and energy, of reproduction, of abundance and of quietness and rest.

Animals, insects, birds all know what they need to do to keep balance in their lives.  They follow the seasons, the weather in order to survive and thrive.

As we have moved further and further away from the world of our ancestors we have become detached from our innate balance.  We have free choice and will to override our instincts and ignore common sense, or feel the need to gain control over other species and environments with little regard.  Balance is disrupted and it affects our health and wellbeing and ability to survive and thrive.

Throughout our days and weeks we need balance in many different areas of our lives so we end each day, each week, each month, each year feeling good, feeling happy and feeling content.

Areas of balance

Do you feel you have the right balance with:-

Being creative yet having structure in your life?

Creating time for yourself and time with others?

Laughing outland and being able to shed tears?

Taking enough exercise and balancing it with rest?

Having a diet of healthy nourishing foods and a few indulgent treats?

Getting enough sleep and being active through the day?

Working and taking breaks?

Planning and organising as well as just being in the flow?

Being outside and being inside?

Learning new skills and using your existing skills and experience?

Work hours and setting aside time to play and enjoy life?

Appreciating moments of happiness and acknowledging times of sadness?

There are times when my work is not in balance with rest or creativity so I will consciously make the effort to bring it back into balance at the earliest opportunity.

Perhaps do a quick review of your week or month and if it is leaning too heavily in one direction counter-balance it.  It is a false way of thinking that there is no time for anything else but work as at some time your health and wellbeing will pay the price.

Little changes make a big difference.

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences”

Jack Welch