The time between the Spring equinox and the Summer equinox is known as Beltane.  It continues the time of creativity and fertility that started to emerge in early Spring, with dates usually between 30 April and 2 May each year.
This is the time when nature really gets going and abundance of plants and life exude around us.  What have you noticed recently? Bluebells are now coming out, there is wild garlic everywhere, nettles are pushing out from the undergrowth, you may have spotted frog spawn and certainly bees and butterflies are emerging.  It is the time of fertility; nature is at its peak in reproduction and gathers pace forward to the peak of sunlight at the Summer equinox.  Manifestation is at its most potent.
The significant tree for this time of year is the Hawthorn or May tree, a positive heart symbol.  You can brew tea from its flowers or berries and is apparently a cardiac tonic – however please use with caution if you have any cardiac problems.  The Hawthorn represents love and friendship, releasing fears and enhancing loving communication.

Often used as a maypole; the dance symbolised the interweaving and joining of male and female energies.  In ancient times this ritual was about wildness, sex and potency but it came to represent purity and virginity in Christian times.  Another ritual still acknowledged at this time of the year is the Green man which is celebrated in many places within the UK as well as here in North Devon.

Beltane is the time for walking labyrinths, either ones you visit or ones you can me make yourself.  You can see where existing labyrinths are in the uk via this website.  The labyrinth is unlike a maze as there are no dead or false ends instead it leads into the centre and out again.  The purpose is to meditate as you walk, releasing any unwanted and blocked thoughts and to bring in energy and enhance creativity.
According to her book Sacred Earth Celebration Glennie Kindred makes several suggestions for celebrating Beltane:-
  • Celebrate outside with a fire as this is central to Beltane.
  • Wear green to represent nature’s potency.
  • Make a shrine area with spring flowers and greenery.  Light a candle for each element of fire, water, air and earth.
  • Create a temporary labyrinth in the sand or with stones, walk seeking clarity and be open to receive insights.
  • If it’s a clear night seek out Venus and make a wish.
  • Dance the maypole!
  • Jump the Beltane fire saying what you leave behind and jump to call in your manifestations.
Fire for Beltane
Whether you celebrate Beltane or not just allow your awareness to notice what is emerging, notice how you feel and give thanks for this time of the year.