Time to look after ourselves

A Little Time for Yourself

How much time do you spend looking after yourself?

We can all do with a bit of “me” time to ensure that we are feeling at our best.  How much time do we need to get ourselves back on top form and how do we do that?

There are many ways to look after ourselves and we know that exercise and diet play a crucial part in this. However our minds and our spiritual wellbeing also need a boost to enhance wellbeing and there are a variety of ways that will help.

Reiki self healing

If you practice Reiki then just a few minutes a day, connecting with energy, balancing chakras or giving yourself Reiki can set you up for the day ahead.  It may be 5 minutes or upto an hour – the key thing is to fit it into your lifestyle rather than not to do any at all.  Whilst sitting in a traffic jam or waiting outside the school gates can be a great opportunity to connect and intend Reiki to flow into you.  No need to set up the environment, just be – bring in an awareness of resonating  with energy within you and allow it to expand, be the energy and connect with healing light.


You may wish to learn Mindfulness in a group setting or just apply the principles as a way to self-heal and look after yourself.  Mindfulness encourages you to be totally aware of your body and mind, to be in the present moment.  It is very easy to be in our thoughts and to almost live our lives in our heads rather than through the reality of the moment.  This website explains how you can start being mindful and improve your overall health.


How you relax can take many forms with the purpose of allowing the body and mind to switch off and to slow down.  You may wish to use a relaxation CD along with a guided relaxation which is a great way to switch your focus away from busy thoughts.  Relaxation may be having a bath rather than a shower or spending time reading or doing a crossword.  Whatever type of relaxation you do ensure that you are doing it on a regular basis, at least weekly if not daily.


There is a lot of research indicating that using nature can greatly enhance wellbeing both physically and mentally.  Just being outside for 5 minutes can lower blood pressure and if you combine it with using all your senses the overall effect is one of total immersion in the present moment.  Take your time to see colours and shapes, tune into background and foreground noise, sense what you can feel, be aware of smells and if you are feeling brave taste some of the foliage (please make sure you know it is safe to do so)!  Use the healing effect of Nature through gardening or walking.  If you don’t have a garden indoor houseplants or growing windowsill seeds will also be of benefit to you.  Nature is free and all around us so make the most of it to boost your health.


Whatever methods you employ don’t ever forget to look after yourself.  I know how easy it is to get caught up in everyday life and before you know it another week has passed by and you have forgotten to look after yourself.  Schedule in time that works for you and use whatever approaches bring about balance, peace and harmony within you.

What ways do you use to self heal?

Time stress

Time is of the Essence!

It seems that nowadays that we have a scarcity of time although 24 hours has always been 24 hours!  I know when I worked for an organisation that had targets and outcomes to achieve,  time felt as if it was rushing away and certainly at times there were not enough hours in the day.

There is a theory that as we get older it feels as if time is zooming by and speeding up but that may be because we have so many more past reference points to compare on our continuum of time in comparison with younger people.  Young children live in the present, they don’t look back and see what has been or they don’t look into the future – wanting time to hurry up.  As Andy Cope says in “The Art of Being Brilliant” don’t be a “destination addict” always wishing that it was the end of the week or that holidays would hurry up.  The more we slow down the more we are in tune with the reality of time.

Research has been done by Professor Phillip Zimbardo on time perspective and concluded that our attitude to time is defined by key personality traits such as optimism and sociability, visit  PsychCentral to take the test on your perspective of time.

Recently due to the adverse weather you may have found yourself with unplanned time.  How did you spend it? Was it an opportunity to sit quietly with a good book, do some meditation or self -healing? The fear for some people is that if they are not busy then they are not working and it can feel a struggle to do”nothing”. Filling in time does not necessarily mean being busy, we can do ourselves a favour by making time for quieter pursuits and allow our mind and body to recharge and relax to counter-balance our busy lives.  What we put into our time is, most of the time, under our control so choose wisely and choose well.


Feed your Soul

Resilience can take a bit of a battering during this cold season.  Most of the time, through the winter months, it can be head down and focus on the busyness of life and although that is still enjoyable I can tend to forget about what is important to me, what “feeds my soul”.  For me it is often being outside walking, taking photographs and being in the beauty of nature.  When I’m surrounded by fantastic landscapes, quietness and stillness it makes my heart soar, it feeds my soul.

Having run workshops on Emotional resilience one of the many coping strategies we discussed was to make time to do the things that make us feel good – to have fun, to appreciate what we have in life.  Resilience isn’t just being able to cope in the “here and now” moment but it is a daily/weekly process of building up the resilience by what we put into our lives.

Positive attitude and Resilience

It’s about knowing what is really important to us in our lives and then maybe letting go of the other stuff that actually isn’t as important as we think it is.  To build our resilience and bring joy and contentment into our lives we need to make time and possibly let go of other activities/tasks.

I remember that 13 years ago whilst I was doing my life coaching training I was asked the question what will I give up in order to make my life how I want it.  Sometimes we can forget that we can’t always keep adding things into our lives so we need to say goodbye to old familiar activities and ways of being, and bring in new ways in order to be the most satisfied that we can be.

“Feeding my soul” and developing my resilience allows me to be relaxed/focussed and  content in what I currently have in my life.

There are Five key things that can boost and bolster your resilience and happiness  –

CONNECT – with others; develop relationships and good social supports

KEEP LEARNING – try something new, set yourself a challenge

BE ACTIVE – good physical health equals good mental health

TAKE NOTICE – be curious, be mindful, savour the moment

GIVE – giving in any small way enhances a sense of wellbeing

Improving mental health

So think about what is really important in your life, do things that make your heart and soul feel great, embrace change and boost your resilience! I hope you enjoy the poem below.

What is Life?

It is the flash of a firefly in the night

It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time

It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset

Crowfoot, Blackfoot Indian Leader

Welcome to Golden Oak Therapies

I hope to bring you thoughts, musings and ideas regarding energy work and healing.  My two areas of particular interest are Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping although I am currently doing a two year apprenticeship in Shamanic Healing.

I am by no means an expert and am constantly learning and gathering further understandings from many different places and sources.

I would be delighted if you feel able to join in and share your own knowledge and experience of energy healing so we can all learn from each other.