Reflection, time to reflect upon the year

Time to Reflect

Last month of the year! Do you give yourself time to reflect on what has been?  Reflection is a key aspect of learning and personal development.  It’s so easy to forget or ignore what we have done, or just take things for granted but we miss out on giving ourselves credit, appreciating our memories or learning from our mistakes. 

Maybe you have just allowed life to lead you or maybe you have taken charge and created your own changes?  Whatever the case, 12 months has gone by and stuff has happened! It can be really helpful to sit quietly and go back through the year appreciating what has happened, learning from mistakes, reminiscing and reliving beautiful memories.  If we don’t, then it’s just gone and we haven’t got any wiser and certainly no younger! 

As a suggestion you may like to reflect upon these questions as a way of appreciation and gratitude of the past year.

  • Write down 4 things that you are proud of this year
  • What has been your “biggest” achievement?
  • What one thing would you do differently?
  • Visualise one of your happiest memories from this year – how does it make you feel, what can you see and hear?
  • What’s the best piece of advice you can pass onto someone from your experiences this year? 

Give yourself a huge pat on the back for being you, for dealing with whatever has come up this year and for having insight and awareness to take you into next year.

If you come across an issue that you feel stuck on and would like support with, don’t forget you can book in for a variety of interventions that may get you further on than you are now. If you are not sure what would be of help, book a complimentary Insight session to discuss this further.

Powerful questions
Travel - Atacama Desert

The Essence of Travel

As we near the end of the year, have you been anywhere new over the past few months?  Maybe you have revisited familiar haunts or have sought out new places.  Travelling and exploring places that are different from your normal environs brings curiosity, expansion of thoughts, wonderment and perspective.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Chile this year – from the Atacama Desert to the fertile lands of central Chile and onwards south to Patagonia with its granite peaks and spectacular Condors.

I love travelling – seeing things for the first time, experiencing the different sounds and smells, hearing other languages spoken and getting to know the culture and history of the place.

I’m not a city person so I tend to gravitate towards landscapes and wildlife – the more vast and desolate the better.  It is here that I can truly appreciate the beauty and power of our Earth and try to understand how our ancestors survived and thrived in harsh conditions.  Whilst, currently, looking at the present struggle of wildlife caught up in our changing climate.

In places such as Patagonia there is a sense of perspective, how such a tiny dot as me fits into the vastness of the place.  Being such a small part in the history of our planet also means sharing the responsibility of keeping our Earth safe and healthy.  In the Southern ice fields of Chile just 20 years ago glaciers were receding about 12 foot each year, now it is over a 100 feet annually.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless with the “heaviness” of depressing news and destruction but we can also choose to be part of making small differences, part of a being collective of raised consciousness and awareness.

We don’t need to travel oversees to appreciate beauty and marvel at the world around us.  Just getting away to somewhere new for a few days and taking time to stop and be aware or to see things with “new” eyes can bring about a new perspective.

Travel allows us to learn and to appreciate what we already have, not to take things for granted.  Travel in our own country or further afield gives us that opportunity to wander and wonder at the beauty and generosity of our Earth.


Goals – where next for 2019?

As we start the New Year does it leave you feeling energised and excited about the months ahead or flat and unmotivated?

The date of 1st January is irrelevant as it only represents the limitations of time that we have put in place.  However there is something to be said about having ideas of what you want to get out of life.  At times it may be okay to go with the flow and drift through life although there is a danger that others will then influence your choices.

When we set out our own aspirations, dreams and goals then we are more likely to achieve them.  It has been proven that if you write out or share your goals then success of reaching your goal is greatly increased.

Just keeping a thought in your mind is probably not going to be enough; action needs to happen along with support and encouragement from others.  It is easy to get side tracked by internal doubts and worries and these can be used as an excuse to either not get started or to give up on your dreams.  As explained in my video here – when we reach the end of our life it will be the things that we haven’t done that we will regret.

There are several ways to help support the first part your achievement.  Write them down and put them somewhere that you can see them every day.  Instead of writing, depict your aspirations visually in a vision board placing it as a screen saver or a poster.

If you are not sure what you want to do you may like to do this exercise of listing what you want/have/don’t want and don’t have by using this template.  Once you have completed the columns turn the “don’t want” into what do you want instead?  This will help you to start identifying your goals.

Create a Be/Do/Have list – without judgement or preconceptions keep adding to your list over a few weeks.  Are there any themes?  Is there something in there that you have always wanted to do?

Are you somebody that starts and then gets stuck?  Remind yourself why this goal is really important to you – what are you going to gain from it, how is it going to affect your life?  Remember 90% of achieving goals is knowing why it is important to you, 10% is how you will achieve it. If you are a champion procrastinator lean how to use EFT or Tapping to break down those blocks.

These are just a few suggestions that will help you get on your way of creating a year that you can look back on with pride, contentment, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Have an adventurous, exciting, fun-filled and challenging 2019!

Time stress

Time is of the Essence!

It seems that nowadays that we have a scarcity of time although 24 hours has always been 24 hours!  I know when I worked for an organisation that had targets and outcomes to achieve,  time felt as if it was rushing away and certainly at times there were not enough hours in the day.

There is a theory that as we get older it feels as if time is zooming by and speeding up but that may be because we have so many more past reference points to compare on our continuum of time in comparison with younger people.  Young children live in the present, they don’t look back and see what has been or they don’t look into the future – wanting time to hurry up.  As Andy Cope says in “The Art of Being Brilliant” don’t be a “destination addict” always wishing that it was the end of the week or that holidays would hurry up.  The more we slow down the more we are in tune with the reality of time.

Research has been done by Professor Phillip Zimbardo on time perspective and concluded that our attitude to time is defined by key personality traits such as optimism and sociability, visit  PsychCentral to take the test on your perspective of time.

Recently due to the adverse weather you may have found yourself with unplanned time.  How did you spend it? Was it an opportunity to sit quietly with a good book, do some meditation or self -healing? The fear for some people is that if they are not busy then they are not working and it can feel a struggle to do”nothing”. Filling in time does not necessarily mean being busy, we can do ourselves a favour by making time for quieter pursuits and allow our mind and body to recharge and relax to counter-balance our busy lives.  What we put into our time is, most of the time, under our control so choose wisely and choose well.