EFT or Tapping Workshops

Tapping for Weight Loss 

This workshop is specifically using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping to support you in healthy weight loss and management.

By learning the technique of Tapping you will be able to boost motivation to keep on track for losing weight.

Help challenge self-sabotaging thoughts and build a new  relationship with your body.

Tapping enhances your existing diet plan and gives you additional support and confidence.

Tuesday 13 October 2020  £35

Venue – online via Zoom

“Wow! What a fantastic workshop. I feel calmer, in control and know what I have to do in the future.  I am feeling positive”.

Remembering how to Tap!

Are you making the most of tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique? You may have learnt this highly effective technique recently or many years ago but are you using it? You know that it is so good to bring down stress, manage food cravings, lessen anxiety, boost self esteem and so much more but this won’t happen unless you use it!  Join me to refresh your memory! During the online workshop we will reacquaint ourselves with the tapping points, highlight the important specifics of tapping and collectively tap to familiarize ourselves again. Whatever your reason for tapping let’s get started again  – everything to gain and nothing to lose!

further dates to be announced fee £28

Tapping as an Everyday Self Help Tool!

This workshop offers a highly effective technique to manage and reduce our
stress levels as we go through our day.  Stress, worry, frustration and
anger is a normal part of our lives but when it becomes prolonged and the
demands exceed our expectations of how we will cope, then these emotions can
have a major negative impact upon our well being.

There are many ways to manage stresses of our daily lives and in this
workshop you will learn how and why Tapping works. By tapping on the end points
of meridians we can reduce  emotional intensity of our emotions and
reframe our perceptions and beliefs about our coping abilities.  We will
also learn when to use EFT and how to apply it to all different aspects of your life. See more about tapping for everyday use in this video.

Dates to be announced – now online via Zoom

“Great workshop, really informative. I feel I’ve grasped the
concept and can’t wait to put it into practice. Can’t believe what popped
up for me – will explore further!”

We all seem to have taken something positive away, and it cause
plenty of discussion when we returned to work!  … many attendees thought
you have a very relaxing voice, and just you explaining the importance of
recognising stress and things that are causing you to not to feel your best,
put them at ease.”