Humble –is this still relevant in today’s world?

Man portraying being humble

“Just for today I will be humble” is one of the precepts or concepts behind Reiki practice.  When I discuss this during teaching Reiki it can often be a bit puzzling.  Humble is not a word we use very much in today’s language, it feels as if it belongs in an ancient religious way of life that has nothing to do with the way we live now.  What does it actually mean?  Are we ever humble?

I remember when I was volunteering on a game reserve in South Africa.  One of the workers from Zimbabwe gave up his time over a weekend to show me round more of the reserve and tell me his story from his country. Afterwards I thanked him for his time and he replied that he was humble to have met me.  I couldn’t quite work it out what he meant and how it applied to me.

There seems to be many contexts in which the word humble could be applied but the one that resonates with me is to have a “modest or low estimate of one’s importance” (Oxford English dictionary).  This is not about putting myself down or ignoring my worth and value but being willing to acknowledge that there are other things far more important than me in the world.  A much bigger viewpoint needs to come into play, I am not the centre of the Universe but an integral part of it and for that I am humble.

“A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant” Anon

The focus is on giving rather than receiving.  Recognising what we already have around us and giving gratitude for it.  Gratitude is a more familiar word nowadays and I think it dovetails beautifully into being humble.  When you are truly grateful for what you have then you are humble. If the world is without gratitude then it is built on false egos.  Humility recognises that we own nothing and are grateful for what we have.

What makes me feel humble? People choosing me to help them move on, being part of nature, not above it or controlling it, the life that I have lived.

“Stay true in the dark side and humble in the spotlight”  Harold B Lee

I would love to hear your thoughts and understanding about the word humble.

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