As we pass the Spring equinox we get the urge to spring clean.  This may be cleaning windows, clearing out clutter and having a good dust and vacuum into those often forgotten places of our home.  Our intention is to make our homes feel fresh and clean, shifting the remnants of winter so we can embrace spring.

Nature does this automatically.  The leaves that have long ago dropped have composted back into the soil.  Trees that have come down in winter gales have created clearings from which new shoots can emerge.   With leaves yet to fully open, light allows the flourishing of spring flowers such as bluebells, snowdrops, anemones and primroses.  This is the time for new energy, new life.


Spring snowdrops

What about our own internal clearing?  The flow of our energy, which impacts upon our wellbeing, can often become stale and blocked, how do we spring clean ourselves?

We all carry baggage around with us, sometimes it’s a heavy load that we lug around for many years.  Sometimes it is a lighter load that could do with being put down and moving on.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to offload, clear out and feel much lighter?

I expect you know of many ways to achieve this internal clearing but recently I have been doing it through clearing chakras. Our chakras constantly work by digesting and filtering energy from all around us to transport energy to the body’s systems – mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. 

Chakras are an integral part of our energy system along with our energy field (aura) and meridians.

They are seen, to some, as spinning discs or vortexes that filter energy come into our bodies and assist in removing unwanted, stagnant energy.   Chakras are responsible for the health of our organs and systems such as endocrine, respiratory and vascular.

There are many chakras, some bigger than others and often we focus on the seven main ones which run down through the front and back of our bodies. Below I have listed the main 7 chakras and their associated aspects of self:-

  • Root chakra – responsible for our survival instincts, grounding and enthusiasm.
  • Sacral chakra – responsible for joy, creativity, sexuality.
  • Solar Plexus chakra– responsible for will and autonomy, identity, effectiveness.
  • Heart chakra– responsible for unconditional love, appreciation, grief, loss, compassion.
  • Throat chakra – responsible for communication and creative expression, speaking your own truth.
  • Third Eye chakra– responsible for intuition, abstract thought, psychic awareness.
  • Crown chakra– responsible for spirituality, connection to higher source, wisdom and knowledge.
Main chakras

Each chakra has 7 layers and by clearing each layer we go deeper into past memories, stored traumas and ancestral/past lives. What have we brought into the world from life times ago?

By “spring cleaning” and clearing our chakras we promote our energetic wellbeing and health.

So is it time to give yourself an internal cleanse?


The beauty of working with chakras is that with this deep work, especially going down through the layers we don’t need to verbalize anything, we trust the body and energy to gentle clear and re balance.  We give ourselves an energy detox!


As a Reiki master/teacher I gently guide you in clearing your chakras and then rebalancing and connecting them.


Make Spring a part of your own internal spring cleaning!



Chakra Clearing and Balancing

If you would like more information about this type of chakra work contact me for more information.