Time is of the Essence!

Time stress

It seems that nowadays that we have a scarcity of time although 24 hours has always been 24 hours!  I know when I worked for an organisation that had targets and outcomes to achieve,  time felt as if it was rushing away and certainly at times there were not enough hours in the day.

There is a theory that as we get older it feels as if time is zooming by and speeding up but that may be because we have so many more past reference points to compare on our continuum of time in comparison with younger people.  Young children live in the present, they don’t look back and see what has been or they don’t look into the future – wanting time to hurry up.  As Andy Cope says in “The Art of Being Brilliant” don’t be a “destination addict” always wishing that it was the end of the week or that holidays would hurry up.  The more we slow down the more we are in tune with the reality of time.

Research has been done by Professor Phillip Zimbardo on time perspective and concluded that our attitude to time is defined by key personality traits such as optimism and sociability, visit  PsychCentral to take the test on your perspective of time.

Recently due to the adverse weather you may have found yourself with unplanned time.  How did you spend it? Was it an opportunity to sit quietly with a good book, do some meditation or self -healing? The fear for some people is that if they are not busy then they are not working and it can feel a struggle to do”nothing”. Filling in time does not necessarily mean being busy, we can do ourselves a favour by making time for quieter pursuits and allow our mind and body to recharge and relax to counter-balance our busy lives.  What we put into our time is, most of the time, under our control so choose wisely and choose well.

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