Reiki Training

If you would like to enhance your ability to use Reiki on yourself and others, certificated Reiki courses up to Level 3 Master/Teacher are available.  No previous experience of Reiki is necessary to start your Reiki spiritual path.  However I recommend at least three months between Level One and Level Two training and six months between Level Two and Level Three.  This allows assimilation of learning and experience in your own personal development and skills.

‘Having decided to undertake Reiki training, I felt it was important to complete the levels with the same person. After taking the level 1, I knew that my decision to train with Karen had been the right one and has seen me recently complete Master level. 

Karen has a unique style of teaching covering all aspects of each level thoroughly. What’s more she brings in other related information to the sessions which opens up the mind to the breadth of possibilities which could be. With her tailored approach, Karen adapts teaching to the needs of her students, never making those less-experienced feel that they are in any way less important than any other student. 

If you are looking for a grounded teacher who provides ongoing support through the provision of Reiki shares then look no farther.”  

Reiki Level One (Usui Shiki Ryoho)

This two day course will attune you to Reiki (level 1) increasing the use of energy for self-healing. This is a certificated course led by a Reiki Master and requires pre and post course involvement. You will receive 4 attunements that raise your vibration/frequency to connect with Reiki energy plus your own Reiki manual. Following the training support is given via Reiki shares. Read more

The cost for the two days is £160

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 September

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December  

“This has been an excellent introduction to Reiki.  Karen provided clear instruction and valuable tuition.  I loved the extra bits of knowledge relating to energy flow.

Lovely group to learn with, comfortable surroundings.  Something that I will remember with fondness.  I can’t wait to continue my Reiki journey.  Thank you  Karen.”


Reiki Level Two (Usui Shiki Ryoho)

Level Two Reiki takes you further on your self-development by increasing your vibration through further attunements. You will be introduced to symbols and to distance healing and may, once accredited, if you wish provide Reiki for clients. The course is over 2.5 days with the half day as a follow up to reflect upon practice (to be agreed at a later date).  Read more

Cost for the 2.5 days is £255

Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 November

“During the two day Reiki 2 course I felt simultaneously uplifted, and greatly informed. Spot on professionalism with course timings, communication, payment and follow up emails. I received a long list of preparations, most voluntary, which helped me to think seriously about Reiki in my everyday life. 

Karen’s warm and natural manner put me at ease straight away. I was joined by another student and given a comprehensive manual. We practised hands on in her healing room, learnt a multitude of aspects of Reiki. What it means personally for each of us, and concluded by discussing our future practices outside in her secluded garden. I cannot recommend Karen enough. I only wish I had done Reiki 1 with her too. Her course was fulfilling and positive with a far reaching wisdom. I was doubtful before, but now I am confident I will become a Reiki practitioner this summer.” 

Reiki Master/Teacher Level

The final part of Reiki training, although by no means the end to learning, is Master/Teacher level introducing you to the Master symbol and integration of Reiki as a way of life and being.  This can be taught as a one day just to Master level for those who do not wish to teach Reiki and two days who will go on to teach and attune Reiki students.  Read more

Teacher & Master level further dates to be announced

£175 per day

Master Level 

£175 per day

“Karen is an incredibly wonderful teacher, possessing invaluable knowledge and experience. I have completed my level 1, 2 and Master/Teacher training with Karen, and I highly recommend her if you are considering learning this wonderful healing system. She is very compassionate and knowledgeable and excellent teacher. Her courses are amazing and she is always there to help you on your journey   Thank you Karen”.

Reiki Share

Reiki Share is open to anyone who is level one Reiki attuned and above. We come together in person to raise our vibration and energy, share our wisdom, learn from each other and enjoy each others company.

Within our sessions we give and receive Reiki  to each other and globally.

 7pm-8.30pm £10 per session

A break for summer and back on….

Friday 13 September

Friday 11 October

We will be back online towards the end of this year in the winter months!  Reiki Share ONLINE has the same structure and ethos as the in-person Reiki Share but via Zoom.  It is open to anyone who is Level One trained and above.  Booking is essential.

The cost is £8 paid via BACS before the day – details will be sent.

7pm – 8.30pm

Friday 8 November 2024

Friday 13 December 2024



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