Shamanic Healing

Welcome to the beautiful healing of shamanic work.  Shamanism is the oldest form of healing known to our ancestors and was originally used in Siberia before spreading across to America and South America.  Today shamanic healing is used in many cultures across the world.

Like other energy healing modalities, shamanic healing brings in energy from all around us. It explores the underlying causes and seeks to bring about restorative harmony within our bodies.

Sounds from sacred tools, as well as breath work, may also be used to facilitate the healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of “dis-ease”.

In this “Magical Energy”podcast Karen explains more about shamanic healing.

What happens in a session?

The healing session is always collaboration between yourself, me as the practitioner, and using energy from around us, connecting with nature.  It is guided by you with support from the practitioner to bring about balance and harmony to all aspects of health.

Before a session, I will ask your permission to  check in energetically,  on your behalf to see how I can best work with you and to check it is appropriate for us to work together.  Very occasionally, I will be guided that I am not the right practitioner for you, in which case I will do my best to suggest other avenues of healing.

During the session you remain fully clothed and will be either sitting or lying down.  There is usually a conversation between us both, checking in with what you are experiencing so that the session is always led by your needs. The session may be hands-off or there may be a light touch of hands.  Sounds such as drum or rattle may be used, along with other sacred tools such as feather, voice and breath.

A shamanic healing can take many forms:-

  •  Healing sessions to focus on a particular issue
  • Journey work – to meet your helping allies and to ask for help with problems/issues  
  • House clearance – to energetically cleanse and bless your space
  • Ceremonies – to release past issues and to welcome in new and energising ways of being.

How can it help?

Shamanic healing can help with a range of issues from physical to emotional aspects, to release and clear past traumas, and to restore emotional balance related to issues such as stress, anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, phobias.

Finding Karen was one of my smartest moves.  She has given me back the ability to laugh, have fun and be vivacious through her careful approach to Shamanic Healing.  She has made such a difference to my life, changing my outlook from overcast to glorious sunshine.”

What is the difference between reiki and shamanic healing?


Both treatments use the healing power of energy.  Reiki predominately channels energy from the source (universal life force energy) for healing to occur. 

In shamanic healing, we call upon nature’s spirits (rivers, wind, animals, plants etc) to assist in a more ‘targeted’ healing.

How will I feel in the session and what can I expect afterward?

Everyone’s experience of healing is different, but most say they feel deeply relaxed and at ease during the session. You will be encouraged to be aware of how you are feeling in your body and to notice any thoughts, images or memories that may arise.

After the session you may be given a healing prescription, such as a suggested task to enhance the treatment you have received.You may feel tired, experience vivid dreams, be more emotional or feel rejuvenated and energised.  Always allow time for your energy to rebalance after the session, as the healing is very much about releasing energetic blockages and bringing in harmony of energy again.

Is  shamanic healing safe?

We are all made up of energy, but sometimes not all our energy is working towards our best and highest good/benefit. This is not ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ energy. We may have misplaced energy which we no longer need that shamanic healing can help ‘clear’. The work is always done with the pure intent of the highest good with kind and unconditional, compassionate spirits who wish to work with us.  A true healer always works in light and never judges or manipulates.

Is shamanic healing suitable for everyone?

There are a few times when healing would not be suitable, including the first trimester of pregnancy, epilepsy and during acute episodes of mental illness. 


  • Single healing session (face to face) –  £65 for upto 90 minutes (includes pre-work journeying, 15% discount for package of three sessions)
  • Distance healing – £50
  • Individual guided drum journey work – £45 for upto one hour (face to face)
Karen of Golden Oak Therapies

Guided Drum Journey

In drum journeying we access the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. We receive clarity and understanding, guidance and support to enable us to live our lives as the spiritual beings we are.  Our experience on a drum journey offers messages for us to interpret, accept or reject – it is always our choice.

Lying down comfortably, with your breath, will and imagination the drum shifts your brain waves into theta state entering lucid dreaming (light trance like mediation).
The drum provides the vehicle upon which we can journey to receive guidance and wisdom from our helping allies and spirits.
I will be guiding and supporting you with the drum as your soundscape, the beating heart of the earth.


Booking essential, all sessions are on a Tuesday from 7pm – 8.30pm cost £12

16 April              21 May

25 June              16 July


Old School Centre, Landkey EX32 0JR

If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the above, please feel free to book in a complimentary Insight session or contact me to discuss whether shamanic healing would be suitable for your needs.

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