I know it is still winter but towards the end of January there are stirrings of Spring.  In the Celtic wheel of life it is known as Imbolc, the time of awakening.  This is a time when we very gradually move into a slightly more active time of the year.  Traditionally it is about starting to manifest and to plan what has arisen from our winter reflections.

We can see this in nature around us, the days are lengthening, there are buds forming on the trees and birds have started seeking out possible nest sites.

Perhaps unconsciously we still follow and react to the cycle of the year although it may be overlaid by modern life and current challenges.  This is the time to start thinking ahead and to gradual breathe life into what we wish to happen in the year ahead.  It is not yet a full on, raring to go and jump into action energy but a gentle awakening to see what is possible.

The animals and plants around us don’t have to think, they instinctively know what comes next at this time of year.  The snow drops and primroses are just peeping up in the promising pastel light of the sun.  The birds are increasing their volume of song as they seek out territories.  I’ve also noticed the sparrows checking out the bird house as possible des res!

So what can we do at this time of year?

  • If you are a gardener you will be already planning this year’s crops or flowers and have started ordering seeds.  If you are not a garden why not consider a window box or plant some indoor herbs?
  • You may like to research places in the country where you haven’t been before with the hope of a staycation in the summer.
  • When you go out for a walk start to notice what is emerging – which flowers are coming up, which trees are showing buds? Appreciate what you can see and what you know will arrive.
  • Notice the different shades of light in the sky, it often has a softer pinky hue this time of the year.
  • Prepare for any birthdays coming up in the next few months – why not make birthday cards or presents?
  • In the longer evenings lit a fire and watch the sun go down.
  • Clear space in your home or garden to welcome in the new.  Give away unwanted possessions.
  • Review and renew any resolutions you made at the beginning of the year.

I’m sure there are lots of others things you can think of to welcome in the beginnings of Spring. Continue to be gentle with yourself but notice the stirrings of hope and the changes around you as we know the light is coming.