March ushers in the Spring equinox when everything is coming alive.  The days are longer, the sun is stronger and there is growth and vibrancy around us.
It is a time of balance – light and dark, unconscious desires moving into consciousness, rain and sunshine. Balance of your rational mind with your intuitive self.
This is my favourite season as it feels so energized as the colours are at their most vibrant. It can feel like breaking free from shackles to embrace the potency of spring gales and high tides, manifestations and new ventures.

You can see signs of life everywhere from wild garlic to garden primroses and crocuses to  birds nest building.  At this time of the year birds develop full mating colours and sing loudly to attract a mate and proclaim their territory.

The Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere this year is 20th March – the time when daylight starts to overtake darkness. Our ancestors would see this as a time of fertility, a shift of energy into birth and creativity. It allows us to shake of our heavy woollen slumberings to stretch and reach outwards and upwards.

Today Easter as we know it, is still linked in with the Spring equinox, falling on the first Sunday after the first full moon in March.  The goddess of light, Oestre, symbolizes fertility and hence our modern version of Easter eggs!

Spring daffodils


How does your energy feel in the Spring? Do you feel you want to do more around and outside the house? Are you more tempted to go out for longer walks? The ideas and hopes that you had during the winter months are you now planning to put into action?

Living through the pandemic maybe you have become more aware and attuned to the seasons that have come and gone.  If so I invite you to celebrate the Spring equinox, to recognize the strengthening of the sun, the extension of light into our lives and the bursting forth of energy.

Here are a few suggestions to welcome in Spring:-

  • Open up all the windows in the house to let the air go throughout. Complete any unfinished jobs or projects leftover from last year.Plant flowers, seeds bulbs to come forth over the next few months.

    What are you hoping to achieve this year? Make a start on it!

    With children paint eggs, do an Easter egg hunt or make an Easter bonnet.

    Find a special place outside, sit and make a note of what you see and hear – you can go back to this place throughout the coming months and notice the changes.

    Bring light into the dark corners of your home with flowers or candles.

    Sit against a tree and lean into its energy.  Give thanks for what you have and what is to come.