Learning in a workshop amongst other people brings with it many benefits that you are unable to get on an individual basis.  Learning together means shared experiences, questions being asked that also relate to you plus giving and receiving support from the other participants.
On this page you will find workshops coming up throughout Devon over the next year.  If you have any suggestions for future workshops please do get in contact with me here.

New Events

Know Your Pain & Release It

Do you suffer from pain – chronic pain such as arthritis, ME, fibromyalgia or maybe regular acute pain such as migraines, back ache, IBS symptoms? Maybe you already have coping strategies but are still experiencing the frustration of pain – then this day is a must for you. An alchemy of Tapping and Shamanic journeying, this unique blend will give you a greater understanding of your body, assist in releasing pain, increase relaxation and recovery for your body and offer a toolbox of skills to aid management of pain.

Sunday 19 July 2020  cost £60   Book your place

Support for Healthcare Workers

If, like me you are a healthcare worker then you know how tiring it can be doing your absolute best for people everyday.  It can be hard to switch off or find time to recharge the batteries! Here are a series of tips and strategies that are effective and simple to use. Just click here and start receiving them.

Refocus & Recharge Videos

If you prefer making changes at your own pace but need suggestions to guide you on what you could do differently then sign up for a series of short and sweet videos.  Each video covers specific areas such as dealing with unhelpful thoughts, enhancing your environment with a variety of tips and hints that are simple but effective.  Start your course of videos by clicking here.

 Reiki training courses and EFT workshops

Learn about Reiki and how to use it for yourself and others, all the information and dates are here.

Tapping workshops for specific issues such as stress or healthy eating can be found here.