Learning in a workshop amongst other people brings with it many benefits that you are unable to get on an individual basis.  Learning together means shared experiences, questions being asked that also relate to you plus giving and receiving support from the other participants. On this page you will find workshops coming up throughout Devon over the next year. The Reiki and EFT (tapping) workshops/training have their own pages.

New Workshops & Events!

Lockdown Resilience – Free Pop Up Talks

How are you coping with lockdown again? Are you used to it or finding it more of a challenge this time? These free 45 minute talks, via Zoom video, will provide a selection of takeaways that you can start bringing into your daily life to boost your resilience to the challenges we face. It is a space to share and learn from each other as we continue to navigate our way through the current situation. The talks are on inner & mental wellbeing and on outer physical health and energy. Please register your place on the button below to receive the talk details.

Tuesday 19 January – Inner Resilience and Wellbeing 7.30pm

Tuesday 2 February – Outer Resilience and Wellbeing 7.30pm

Tuesday 16 February – Environment Resilience 7.30pm

Tuesday 2 March – Feeling Good Resilience 7.30pm

The Art of Wellbeing!

This 3 hour online workshop is a creative mix of energy work, chakra balancing, meditation and tapping. The focus is to introduce you to some simple, easy to do routines that will get your energy flowing again, increase your resilience and bring your mind and body back into balance. This is ideal if you feel you are running on empty, decrease in tolerance is affecting others around you, have hit a health plateau and want to increase your vitality. Or maybe you are just curious to know how our internal energy systems can affect our health and wellbeing.

Informative, fun, life changing, balancing, transformative, interesting” just some of the words that previous attendees said about the workshop.

How would I benefit from this workshop?

• start the day feeling “in balance” and with energy to spare

• increase your resilience to stress

• boost your auto-immune system

• become more tolerant and able to cope with stress

• feel joyous

• quieter mind to put things into perspective

During our time together you will:-

  • Discover how our energy becomes blocked and stagnant
  • Learn how to tap and trace the meridians to boost our immune system and re-vitalize ourselves
  • Become familiar with the Donna Eden daily energy routine
  • Decrease stress through a Triple Warmer smoothie and Spleen hug!
  • Experience a simple meditation practice
  • Put into place a chakra balancing exercise

I appreciate that working online can be tiring so there will be lots of breaks and getting up and putting into practice these exercises.

Saturday 13 February 2021 10am – 1pm

Booking is essential, fee is £38 with 21 days follow up and listed techniques

Resilience and vitality of a flower

Vitality & Resilience Building Walks – 1:1

Walking, being outside, observing nature and talking to someone else; each one will boost wellbeing on their own.  When you combine them all together and add in additional techniques to enhance mental and physical health then you have a potent package of support.

On our socially distance walk together I will be sharing with your breathing and energy exercises that bring you closer to the natural healing power of nature.  We will use what we can see and hear around us to feel grounded, to help calm the mind and bring in techniques that lower stress levels and add clarity to thoughts.

This is so much more than a walk and talk session.  You will get to know ways that help you feel grounded which bring down stress levels.  You will learn how to use energy techniques that use the body’s natural ability to restore balance and health.  You will be able to put together a quick daily routine that boosts your energy and helps you feel ready for the day ahead.  You will understand that when you embrace and use nature it looks after you. £25 for the session.

These sessions are for you if:-

  • You feel exhausted at the end of the week.
  • Feel stuck or unmotivated.
  • Find it hard to switch off from constant thoughts.
  • Feel that your physical health has deteriorated.
  • Struggle to move forward with a specific issue.
  • Struggle with managing anxiety and stress.
  • Generally feel sluggish physically and mentally.

These sessions are tailor-made for you enabling you to focus on your issues. Dates and times are agreed with some evening appointments available.

I have found the Vitality and Resilience Building Session so invigorating. It was refreshing to spend some time in the open air with Karen, who listened to me and came up with a wealth of coping strategies for me to incorporate into my daily life to help me to understand my feelings and ways to deal with them positively and constructively. Thank you Karen.”    

energy light within spheres

Energy & Crystal Workshop further dates to be announced

This outdoor workshop is an alchemy of energy healing strategies and the power and healing of crystals.

This is a time to think and feel outside the norm as we all adapt to a new way of living. This half day workshop will give you a greater understanding of the importance of boosting and enhancing your mental, physical and spiritual energy to help towards optimum health and wellbeing.

The workshop is about exploration, trying things out, fun and learning.  You don’t need to have any prior knowledge just a curiosity and a willingness to try things out in a safe and confidential environment.

This workshop is for you if:-

  • You are curious about using healing and spiritual ways of working
  • You are desperate for some time out and want to learn something new
  • You are feeling out of balance with stress levels creeping up
  • You are feeling mentally and physically sluggish and need a boost of energy

Obviously due to the current Co-vid 19 guidelines we will be holding this workshop outdoors, weather permitting, and will be limited to 4 attendees.  A risk form will be sent out to be completed prior to the day. Read more details here.

Future dates to be announced. If you would like to be added to the waiting list just let me know.

Know Your Pain & Release It!

Do you suffer from pain – chronic pain such as arthritis, ME, fibromyalgia or maybe regular acute pain such as migraines, back ache, IBS symptoms? Maybe you already have coping strategies but are still experiencing the frustration of pain – then this day is a must for you. An alchemy of Tapping and Shamanic journeying, this unique blend will give you a greater understanding of your body, assist in releasing pain, increase relaxation and recovery for your body and offer a toolbox of skills to aid management of pain.

Future dates to be announced  cost £60   (dependent upon Co-vid 19 guidelines)

Support for Healthcare Workers

If, like me you are a healthcare worker then you know how tiring it can be doing your absolute best for people everyday.  It can be hard to switch off or find time to recharge the batteries! Here are a series of tips and strategies that are effective and simple to use. Just click below and start receiving them.

Refocus & Recharge Videos

If you prefer making changes at your own pace but need suggestions to guide you on what you could do differently then sign up for a series of short and sweet videos.  Each video covers specific areas such as dealing with unhelpful thoughts, enhancing your environment with a variety of tips and hints that are simple but effective.  Start your course of videos by clicking below.

goldfish jumping out of the water