Your guide to Commonsense WellBeing!

This easy to use commonsense wellbeing book gives you lots of tips and ideas to bring well being into your life everyday.  We may come across a new idea then promptly forget it but with this book you have at hand, easy techniques that help you feel better, be in control and regain energy.

There are sections on healthy eating, refreshing your home, managing stress, changing habits and tips for everyday of the month.  All the advice is easy to understand and to put into practice.

You may wish to phone someone you haven’t spoken to for a while rather than texting them. Or devote just one day to healthy eating or splash in puddles.  None of the tips are complex and can be used regularly or once a while.

There are also inspirational quotes and a “did you know?” section on each page.

So did you know that one hours cycling adds an extra hour to a healthy person’ life?

Bought as an e-book  £1.99 or as a paper copy £5.00 (inc p&p), start your intention to bring commonsense health and well being into your life.