I wanted to share with you my own experience of shamanism. Having been a Reiki Master for a few years previously I couldn’t quite understand what Shamanic healing entailed and how it would link in with Reiki. 

The two year apprenticeship back in 2017 was initially for personal development although by the end of this time I had clarity on how this ancient healing approach could be incorporated into my current holistic practice. 

Throughout the apprenticeship there were no full blown “aha” moments but a subtle change in my awareness of my connection with everything around me, with nature.  All things have energy and I am just one thread in a huge web of life.

 Within the training I was introduced to my helping guides and spirits – both animal, ancestral and celestial. To this day I am incredibly grateful for their continuing support, guidance, humour, wisdom and protection.  I know I am never alone as they are always with me and from whom I have often asked advice.

 I remember a time journeying to meet my guides to ask where I need to travel that year, thinking I would be going to Romania to work at a bear sanctuary, but no they told me to go to Patagonia!  That country had never crossed my mind, didn’t really know where it was! However trusting my guides and not knowing why I went to Chile and Patagonia.  What an amazing experience. It really deepened my connection with Mother Earth, Patchamama.  I was led to give a gift of jade into the glacial waters in South Patagonia and give gratitude for the healing energy of the Atacama Desert.  An experience of a lifetime!

Throughout my training I let go more and more of ego, trusting my own inner wisdom rather than coming from a place of achievement and old beliefs.  I noticed how my social circle changed, I wasn’t feeling in sync or resonating with some people who I had known for many years and this was because I was changing.

Bringing Shamanism into my work I am much more organic in my teaching now, just allowing things to flow and trusting what needs to be said/taught/explored will be.  I bring aspects of shamanic knowledge into my Reiki training and my existing Reiki clients have noticed my stronger spiritual energy which in turn they experience as part of their healing. I recognise and appreciate that I have added further spiritual tools in my healing tool box not only benefiting me but also people around me and my clients. For me shamanism connects me to an ancient and deep wisdom so when I am working with a client I am just a part of that understanding and knowledge that can come through in healing for that person. I am unable to tell you how you would experience a shamanic healing session for yourself but I do know that it is always a collaboration of your own inner wisdom, the compassion and ancient wisdom of guides and my empathy and knowledge of myself as a shamanic healer.
If you have had other types of healing before and wish to experience shamanic healing or you are open to curiosity and wonder then please pop over to my page or contact me with the button below to book a shamanic healing session.