As we head into autumn the energy starts to settle and quieten down as we start the preparation for the winter months.  We have the autumn equinox, in the Northern hemisphere in September, a time once again where day and night are of equal lengths.  We start to notice the waning of the sun’s strength, the cooler mornings and evenings and the shorter days.  Nature shows us very clearly in the leaves falling and changing colour that it is the time to let go and lay down stores for winter.

In the final rays of the sun the harvest is brought in, berries and nuts ripen and fungi gathered.  When all is gathered in then it can be celebrated in forms of harvest festival or thanksgiving, celebrating the year’s abundance.  This year I will be laying down elderberry syrup, damson jam and blackberry vodka – obvious essential for the months ahead!!

Autumn equinox is the time of balance and transition – letting go in order to rebirth, the known and unknown, dark and light, materialism and spirituality, masculine and feminine.  We are moving from our outer world back once again into our inner world.  Finishing projects, final planting of bulbs and shrubs and long term planning for the following year.

  • To prepare for the Autumn equinox we can celebrate and give gratitude for the abundance of fruit, berries, seeds, fungi and nuts.
  • Collect seeds for next year, divide herbs and plant new shrubs and trees.  Throw away old and unused dried herbs and bring in new.
  • Clear space within your home, throw out or give away things that are no longer relevant to you as you move indoors.  See this previous blog.
  •  If, like me, you use crystals wash them and put them out in the harvest full moon to be cleansed and re-energised.
  • At the autumn equinox, fast for a day to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins to transition into the new energy.

The Apple and Crab apple are trees of the equinox steeped in myths and legends, a symbol of abundance, immortality and a gift of love.   Apple is a powerful cleanser and can be used internally as a Bach flower remedy or externally to cleanse utensils and rooms.

Heather is seen as a gateway between the inner world and outer manifestation.  How you live your life is a reflection of your inner world and heather helps us to be at peace with ourselves.

One of the herbs of autumn is fennel which can be used for stimulating digestion and reducing bloating.  It is nourishing and sustaining and easy to drink as a tea.

Hawthorn berries can be collected in autumn and can be a remedy for heart problems such as high or low blood pressure, palpitations and circulation.

Please consult your doctor before taking any homemade remedies and only ever collect berries, fungi if you know exactly what they are.

Autumn apple

Autumn Equinox Practices

Reflect on your losses and gains over the year, make time to let go of what is no longer needed.

Sit quietly and focus on stillness.

Share with others your abundance of produce and seeds.

Plants bulbs knowing that as they lie quietly under the earth they will emerge once again.

Welcome in the autumn equinox and its gentle energy, celebrate abundance, let go of what no longer serves you and be at peace within yourself.


Extracts taken from Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred